To create a beloved treat that continues to be cherished by many, inspired by memories of Mount Takao.

Takao's famous confectionery Fried-to-order donuts Sankakudo since 2024

  • Freshly fried donuts and gelato specialty shop,
    Takao Sankakudo.

Drawing from our memories of the mountain,
we created a special treat reminiscent of Mount Takao.
Just like the mountain itself,
loved by people of all ages, genders,
and nationalities,
we hope our confection becomes a symbol of Takao.
With this vision in mind, Takao Sankakudo was born.

At Takao Sankakudo,
we fry fresh donuts shaped like Mount Takao's iconic triangular form,
known as a powerful spot. If you're visiting Mount Takao,
don't forget to swing by Takao Sankakudo for a taste of our delightful treats.

We specialize in freshly fried donuts.

At Takao Sankakudo, we serve freshly fried donuts that are fluffy and crispy, offering a satisfying delicate flavor. Visit our store to watch them fry right in front of you and enjoy the deliciousness of our treats.

Memorable soft and chewy texture.

Takao Sankakudo's donuts are inspired by Hawaii's malasada, a local favorite. Made with hikers in mind, we use lots of eggs and milk to create a satisfying dough. Enriched with tapioca flour, our dough has a soft and chewy texture. We're committed to quality, using 100% domestically sourced wheat and natural yeast in our ingredients selection.

Introducing our new specialty!
"Triangular mountain donuts"

At Takao Sankakudo, we make our donuts in the shape of a triangle, inspired by the triangular shape of Mount Takao itself, the shape believed in Japan to bring good fortune and happiness. We invite you to try our triangular donuts.

  • Takao Sankakudo
    Shop Information
    • 2219 Takao-cho, Hachioji-shi,
      Tokyo 193-0844
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    • ACCESS
    • 3 minutes walk from Keio Railway Takao-sanguchi Station
    • TEL
    • 042 673 3750
    • OPEN
    • 8:00 - 17:00
    • CLOSE
    • No fixed closing days
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